Bringing Native to Programmatic has Advantages

Native Programmatic

The key advantage to native programmatic ads is that they generate response rates six times higher than traditional ads. That is significant when one adds granular targeted messages that can be personalized in real-time across all digital media.

James Moore, chief revenue officer at comments, “The bottom line is that consumers engage with native ads at a significantly higher rate than traditional ad units. This improves CTR [click-through rate], branding, conversions, and every other metric…clients care about,” Source: MediaPost

Four Naked Truths

social media marketing

From the legendary Naked Agency of a decade ago come four truths about marketing that have lived on to be adapted for the programmatic age:

  1. Everything communicates – Steve Jobs’ obsessions about everything from the placement of screws inside the unopenable iPod to the look of Apple’s retail store were based on his belief that everything communicates – it is all marketing. In advertising the same obsession is needed; gather data from every possible touch point or sensor that can be analyzed.
  1. People are your partners – consumers are not merely targets, they have voices through social media. There is data that can help differentiate active and passive consumers. The former is preferred.
  1. There is a better way – looking at data to confirm your pre-set view is not as productive as searching for the anomalies, the places where you failed in order to seek a better result.
  1. See the full picture – establish clear advertising goals, then use the data to lead to a properly designed execution plan, not the other way around. Source: Marketing Land

China’s Consumer Price Index Spikes

Consumer Price Index - Jan-17

January’s Consumer Price Index spiked to the highest level since it has been calculated starting in June 2014.  Higher prices will tend to flatten consumer spending and slow the economy in proportion to the increasing influence consumers have on it.  It remains to be seen if this number is a predictor of consumer sentiment.  Sentiment numbers will be available in coming weeks.  Sources: Trading Economics; National Bureau of Statistics, China