China’s PMI is Slightly Down with a Bright Future

china PMI (may 2nd)

Even though export orders have risen over the last three months, a slowing of domestic orders appears to be the underlying factor in March’s softened Manufacturer’s Purchasing Index. The future should be positive given that inventories have been reduced and orders are backlogged.  That should pressure the Index upward in future months. Source: Trading Economics; National Bureau of Statistics, China

Programmatic May Be Peaking

projected us programmatic

As a share of total digital ad spend, programmatic will reach its zenith by 2020, which can be seen in the slowdown of growth expected over the next few years.  We say that because it’s hard to imagine a time when all digital ad spending will be automated. There will always be 10-15% of the spending that will be humanly directed.  Although there may be a stall in programmatic share growth, the size of the ad spending pie is likely to continue expanding as a result of new advertising opportunities that the digital world seems to create with rapidity and the trend from offline to online advertising.  Source: eMarketer, reTargeter