Getting Ahead of your Skis

Leading marketers identify the top three strategies for 2019: AI, automation and analytics.  They are deeply intertwined and each has its concerns.  AI is the shiniest object of the three.  Most marketers are in some way committed to it, though a majority of the senior AI execs report that a lack of skilled AI workers is a barrier as they try to incorporate it. Then there is automation, an old word that continues to push its way into more and more marketing functions.  When it gets combined with AI the permutations and combinations get even more complex.  How many people are qualified to work in that combined universe?  Then there are the analytics of both marketing effectiveness and consumer response.  Now we are really in the weeds.

If one goes by the talk, marketers in 2019 promise to move aggressively into these areas.  A wise approach is to keep to wider vision by taking one step at a time, perfecting each step before striding into the next.  That’s the smart way to avoid getting to far over your skis while always moving forward. Source: MarketingLand, Bidwin analysis