Media Buying Solutions

mPoint offers varying levels of collaboration for our partners. We allow for participation in our exchange through Premium Direct, Private Market Placement (PMP) and RTB Programmatic avenues. Our experience has shown that higher CPMs and revenues are realized using Premium Direct and PMP, though we have been successful with optimization at all levels.


On the sell-side:

Advertising is the single greatest source of revenue for millions of apps in or out of China. Many Western publishers see impressions coming from China, yet they rarely reap a revenue benefit from those impressions. Utilizing our real time bidding platform, publishers can sell their ad impressions to advertisers looking to reach the most highly sought after consumer segments in China.


On the buy-side:

mPoint allows advertisers to reach the most sophisticated and affluent Chinese consumers. Advertisers can connect their trading desks to our exchange to buy advertising impressions across the most popular websites, mobile web, apps, and devices in China.


Snap into the world’s ad networks and markets

“RTB-enable your supply with our simplified hook-up, a process designed to take the pain out of expanding your horizons.

Benefits of converting an ad request into an Open RTB 2.4 bid request allows you to:

  • Maintain Control by setting floor prices based on market performance
  • Maximize revenue with intelligent yield optimization
  • Retain flexibility by processing ad requests via  API
  • Assure accuracy with ad verification
  • Manage performance via robust reporting